Key Cutting Services – Rekey Locks Melbourne

When you move into a new home many people consider key cutting services to have the locks changed or rekey locks. Even though the previous owner may have handed over all the keys in their possession, it’s highly possible that some house keys may have been passed onto others and forgotten about over the years. Keys may have been lent to contractors, neighbours or friends – there is no way of knowing how many keys and duplicates of keys there may be around – putting the security of your property at risk.

You may think the only way you can be certain you are the sole possessor of all the keys to your home or flat is to have all the locks changed – but there is a cheaper way to solve your problem – to have the locks rekeyed.

Advantages of Having Locks Rekeyed

Before going ahead and having all the locks changed you should be aware that Armadale locksmiths can rekey them at a fraction of the cost, and in a far shorter time. Rekeying saves the expense of buying all the expensive hardware involved in lock changing – yet the process has the same result – the peace of mind which comes with knowing your property is re-secured.

Valuable Rekeying Service

Armadale Locksmith has a long list of satisfied customers who have had this valuable service carried out. New home owners, renters and business owners feel safe to rekey locks. An owner may be leasing a new commercial space for their company– or a landlord may have tenant management issues and need locks rekeyed quickly. In fact rekeying may also be a good idea for those who change a cleaning contractor for example – even when keys have been handed back to you; you have no certainty that copies have not been made.

For a discussion about whether rekeying is an option for you please call Armadale Locksmith today.

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