24/7 Residential Locksmith Services

At Armadale Locksmith we take the security of your home and property very seriously. In fact it’s our number one concern when it comes to residential locksmith services, you can count on us getting the job done when we say we will, and at the price we agreed on. Our locksmiths have been selected for their ability to provide high quality 24/7 residential locksmith services in Melbourne, and for their commitment to providing excellent customer service. So whether you need a lock change, lock repair, or a security upgrade, we won’t leave the site until you feel 100% satisfied with our service.

Our Range of Professional Locksmith Services in Melbourne

Armadale Locksmiths – residential locksmith Melbourne, can substantially improve the security in and around your house. Services include lock change, lock replacement, lock rekeying, security safes, grilles and gates. Armadale Locksmiths assures to respond immediately to any emergency call. An experienced locksmith will be with you within 30-45 minutes, any time of day, and help you get back to normal. So, if you have locked your keys in your car, or are locked out of your house, it’s reassuring to know that you can count on us. Keep our number handy in your wallet, handbag, or case.

Whether you need to deal with tenant eviction issues, or seek to maximise the security around your premises, you can count on our commercial  locksmiths services. We can advise you on the most suitable security products and systems for your home, giving you long lasting peace of mind. Our security products include: high security locks, master system rekeying, file cabinet locks, door installation and repair.

Armadale Locksmiths is the leading provider of security upgrades and installation for both homeowners and commercial business owners. One of our most sought after services is door security, simply because doors are the primary entrance points for those seeking access to your property. We offer several different types of door security options to ensure that you and your belongings are safe.

Residential locks & security services

Residential locksmith services can drastically alter and improve the security around houses and businesses. When choosing us as the ultimate provider of safety, it is useful to know that our services go above-and-beyond most companies and respond to customer concerns within forty-five minutes of the initial call. For calls as common as locking keys in cars or of course in the home, we will be there immediately. Many landlords rely on us for tenant issues including re locking, replacing locks, maximizing security, and promoting helpful, new products that can aid with security issues.


Have you recently been the unfortunate victim of a residential or commercial burglary? The affects of a burglary on the home and business owner go far beyond that of a loss or destruction of property.

It can leave the victims feeling violated and the lingering effects of insecurity can haunt them for years, sometimes indefinitely. Armadale Locksmith has an intimate understanding of the trauma that burglaries can cause their victims and will make every effort not only to restore the physical damage caused by the burglary but reinstate the property owner’s sense of personal security.

At Armadale Locksmith, we understand that the single most important means of establishing protective security is hardening the target. The survey further established that households and business that took no notable measures towards strengthened security were close to ten times more likely to have been burgled. In short, if burglary were a business and burglars pooled together to form a single business entity, they would stand as one of the most lucrative business in Melbourne.

Armadale Locksmith call centre stands at the ready at all hours of the day and night to handle your calls and will have one of our highly trained and experienced technicians at your location within moments. Our technicians will ascertain the situation and not only repair the damage but will discuss your options in terms of increasing the level of security of your residence or business.

The security of your property, your family and yourselves are our priority at Armadale Locksmith. If you were the victim of a burglary, allow us to restore security to your property and return your peace of mind.

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